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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Can't Let Go of Them

This one is from awannabe and it's about the "Three Things I can't let go of Meme." Sounds like three things I can't live without. Have a ride.

~*(^(00)^)*~AJ and I have been together for more than three years minus the several months he had gone abroad. Though I am uncertain of the love I have for him, I am sure to myself that it would be an agonizing moment to see him away from my side. He is my best companion and he is the smile on my face.

~*(^(00)^)*~Though I seem to have some thoughts of looking for a better job perhaps trying my fortune to land in another career and a well-compensated one with a better position in a bigger company, teaching has been a passion for me. I see myself as a teacher in the future while I can and it would be the last kind of work I want to engage in for the rest of my life.

~*(^(00)^)*~Sure there were times I went astray, I had bitter moments of struggles with the family I belong in. I had a prolonged cold war with my dad, my brothers may have hurt me because of my queer personality, they may seem apathetic when they don't see my importance, but I just love them so dearly. Given the chance for a second life, I'd surely choose to be with them again and treasure every moment we'd share, for good times or bad times.

I am tagging no one in particular but anyone interested to share theirs is very much appreciated.

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parisukat said...

hello my friend lordie.. all of us has things people that we cant let go of.. or wont let go of..

btw, you can join SponsoredReviews and choose the publisher/blogger account not the advertiser so it wont require you cc. :)

have a great day!


hi parisukat, thanks for the heads up, i already sent a letter to the support group, i hope to hear from them the soonest^^

awannabe said...

Great list.

Ah.... family. I miss them too.

Say, did you make your artwork in Paint or did you go shopping at photobucket too?



what do you think of it? is it ok? i actually made that up using paint myself, but i want to buy my own at photobucket soon^^

Anonymous said...

I'm so moved by this line...

"Given the chance for a second life, I'd surely choose to be with them again and treasure every moment we'd share, for good times or bad times."

What a beautiful and touching sentiment.

Three things I can't let go of? Not so hard to figure out:

1. My children - raising them is often a struggle, and I feel I fall short or fail them more often than not (they deserve so much!) - but they never ever let me feel like I'm doing less than everything for them. They are my best friends, the best teachers life has offered me, and the greatest life companions one could hope for.

2. Writing - The muse comes and goes, the career goals flex and fade, but the writing itself never stops. Good, bad, or ugly, the words continue to flow and I find it to be a wonderful form of therapy. Even when I swear I'm not going to write anymore, I have to laugh at myself when I realize that "swear" was put in writing.

3. Dreaming of the Happily Ever After. I'm a dreamer by nature, and even though life has taken me on many detours and left me with bumps, bruises, scars, a broken heart, a wounded ego, and several other "injuiries", I refuse to give up hope in true love, romance, and being with my soul mate. I don't expect a troublesome free, peaches 'n' cream kind of relationship because every relationship has its challenges, but I won't give up hope that I'll be with the one person who won't give up on me, and who won't force me to give up on them.

Those are my three (although now that I got started with it, I could probably list ten or more *grins*).

Great thoughts to have while I sip my French Vanilla coffee this morning. Thank you.


Lizeth said...

all the best to you and AJ :)

teaching is a very noble profession, lord so i admire your passion for it. is on my list too.

take care! :)