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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yearning for something

Just got a shower this afternoon and how refreshing it was to get out of the bath soaking away the grime behind and washing off the sweltering heat on your body. I wrapped my body with the indigo towel AJ just took to work with him yesterday. It's soft and clean and it reminded me of how it feels to be floating on water while it joyously laps your wholeness. (I surely miss swimming.) AJ's mom has been doing my laundry for years now and I am just so thankful she takes care of my clothes like I am a son, or a daughter in-law? (LOL)

I'd been sitting across from my monitor the whole day visiting other blogs and leaving comments on them. This morning, I was happy to share with Teacher Jenny some printed affirmations in forms of certificates and tailor-made door hangers I got from this website.

"Wow, where did you get that?" Teacher Jenny asked after I pulled out the printable ones of the HP machine. "I like this one," she said with so much glare in her face that she headed for my station and checked the website. She was looking at one of the door hangers with this message:

We are not here but we are not there either
If you figure it out consider yourself enlightened

For sure, I chanced upon this blog once over at blogcatalog and I found my way back through awannabe's blog site. Her site was privileged to be given a review and advice by the author.

There isn't much stress today. Some busy students decided to cancel their classes to entertain their visitors at home. Teacher Harry and I were so quiet minding our own business in our respective stations. The lights were turned off almost the whole day. Instead, the lustrous monitors shed brilliance in the room. I turned on the lights at past twilight. I felt some renascence, the verisimilitude of freedom.

I had planned to take a walk at a nearby park after midnight earlier this week. I've been hankering for those good old days where a brisk walk sends me some sense of unexplainable delectation. But the days have counted and it seems I need to make another plan.


Anonymous said...

Loving the down to earth real approach to this post... the simple joys in life - a long bath, a brisk walk, natural comradery - and, of course, someone else doing the laundry!

Spent my day (yearning for something) moving mountains (of laundry, that is!)

Enjoyed relaxing into your words.


MONACO said...

may she really considers you aa a daughter-in-law, no kidding! anyway, another nice post. enjoyed reading it.

awannabe said...

A walk in the park after midnight doesn't sound safe. Best bring a big dog or big stick with you (or both) lol.

Thanks for the plug. I couldn't figure out where all the extra traffic to my blog was coming from today, but now I have a clue. I got about 30 extra visitors to my site Friday, and hadn't even been surfing blogs or leaving comments. Wow... amazing!