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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nooking by the window

That is my favorite spot especially on weekends.

Hypnagogic, I pressed my lips gently on AJ's. That was one of the usual mornings we always treasure. He was murmuring something and I thought he was dreaming. It was almost eleven o'clock in the morning. A brand new day, waiting downstairs. We got out of bed, hustled by the loud music on the third floor of the house.

AJ made me a cup of coffee as I was thinking of how to make the most of my day. I was visible at the usual rendezvous of my thoughts-the window in the living room. There was so much noise, as I was thinking of my family back home. Dodging back bitter memories of being unable to support them for a couple of months when my world was focused on the Casino. I felt invigorated with the assurance that I have gotten over my addiction.

Thinking of the watch I just sent to perk up my sister's awaiting adolescence, planning inside my head of dropping by a bookstore to buy some old books, I feel, I need to do something to make better my familiarity with the English Language. I dream avariciously of the betterment of my writing skills.

Earlier this week, my younger brother, Christian, informed me of my special participation in his wedding. Wow, it's the first time someone's gonna ever get married among my siblings. I am sure my parents have been yearning of having their own grandchild. "They deserve it", I thought to myself while savoring the coffee in the mug which AJ habituates himself specializing in the morning.

It was noisy. One thing, I always abhor in one of my morning rests. Neighbors' children riding bikes to and fro infront of the window. Children, talking like birds just outside, infront of the houses tailor-made to fit side by side. Across from where I comfortably ready my eyes of the brand new day are teens rowdily thrilled over some video games. "I got up late, again", I thought. Upstairs are the tattooing of the hammer on some slabs of wood. AJ's mother just called a carpenter to fix her cabinet in her room.

Freshened by the small amount of coffee in the mug, many thougts just came passing by- of my going home this Christmas, of how I miss the rudimentary, peaceful, and quiet mornings in my home back in my hometown. My family haven't been texting. Oh, how I thought with a smirk of paranoia. They only seem to text me when they need something. I didn't mind. I didn't want to ruin the day.

How I wish to wake up with the glistening window panes, those misty looking cacti in the backyards, smacked with the morning dew. The birds chirping freely in the air, echoing in the pine trees, the barking of the dogs, the cool mornings, matched with a cup of coffee and colorful butterflies in the backyard. I yearn for the whining horse in the stable, the quacking ducks, the rustling of the bamboos, the country music appendaged to my dad, the crowing rooster, the quietness and calm of the morning. Oh, how I just miss the agrestic life in the suburb.

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Cyberpunk said...

Good for you you have a view!

I miss looking out the window and seeing something nice. For years all I can see are my annoying neighbors haha

monaco said...

hey. i learned a new word from your blog again, hynagogic.

it's good to have a view. my parents exchanged rooms with me because of that. my former room had a view of the yard and the trees my dad planted. now, i stay in the masters bedroom with a view of the neighbor's firewall!


well same thing here cyber punk, there is no place like home ika nga, as in my case^^


i think mon ,the location of your masters' bedroom should have been the other way around^^ thanks for the appreciation ^^

crazed_heck said...

me too... i miss my hometown always even if all i have here is bitter memories of a personal struggle from our society's vile and very biased treatment..

crazed_heck said...

btw, asan ka ba? are in manila or you are outside the philippines...?



I am in Manila now. I hope I could go home for Christmas.^^